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We’d like to introduce a western plum, Prune.


Plum trees start to bear fruit after 4 to 6 years and reach full production capacity after 8 to 12 years in the ground. At this point, we can look forward to about 30 years of commercial productivity, during which time the crop will yield excellent fruit annually. At the end of March, the Yuba City orchards are covered in beautiful prune blossoms.


By the middle of August, the orchards are ready for harvesting and this process takes around 30 days to complete. Growers determine the harvest time by checking the fruits firmness and sugar content. Once the growers are satisfied, they will begin harvesting the well-ripened plums.


Freshly harvested plums are transported to a drying facility where the fruit is dehydrated on large wooden trays.

Inspection and Packing

Fresh dried plums are sent to state-of-the-art packing plants. Trained personnel then inspect, grade, size and pack the product. (Unlike the majority of processed fruits, most dried plums are packed to order, whereupon they’re rehydrated, sterilized, put through a final inspection and packaged for shipping.)

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