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Organic vs Regular

Understand the difference between organic foods and non-organic foods

Organic farming is a form of agriculture that depends on biological pest control, crop rotation, and compost, etc. This excludes the use of herbicides, germicides, pesticides, chemical fertilizers, or plant growth regulators such as hormones and antibiotics used in livestock.

What is Organic Agricultural Product?

Agricultural products are cultivated in compliance with the National Organic Standards(NOS), the National Organic Program(NOP), and the National Organic Program Standards(NOPS).

Organic Farm Management

Water, land, crops, etc. on organic farms must be protected from possible contamination and permitted pesticides by NOPS can only be used. Permitted pesticides include natural plants (herbs) and nontoxic substances, like natural soaps. Also, organic farms help to grow diverse crops, kill vermin and protect microorganisms while thinning out weeds.

To Become An Organic Farm

Prohibited chemicals including chemical fertilizers are banned from being used on organic farmland or soil. In the event a partial area of farmland is being converted into organic farmland, organic and non-organic soil must be clearly identified to prevent blending or contamination. Soil cultivating records must be recorded properly and are required to be submitted for thorough examination.

Organic Certification

Organic certified foods are cultivated and processed in compliance with NOPS. The producer, handler, and intermediate processor are required to be certified by a certifying agent or state entity that has been accredited by the USDA. After the organic certificate is issued, certifying agents will review and inspect the land, facility, cultivating records, water, etc. This annual process determines if the applicant is in compliance with regulations set by the USDA. If the applicant fails to receive recertification, they are not granted the use of the organic seal.

Taylor Organic Prunes are organically cultivated without the use of pesticides or herbicides in California.

They do not contain allergens and are safe for infants, pregnant women, and the elderly.

Taylor Organic Prunes have higher sugar content which makes them juicy and plump. Compared to others, Taylor Organic Prunes taste superior and are cultivated through organic agricultural techniques.

Protecting the environment while reducing the use of pesticides and chemicals is a major concern of ours. We continually practice safe farming methods to ensure the protection of our employees, products, consumers, and the environment.

At a well-known zoo in the United States, a zoo-keeper regularly fed organic bananas to two monkeys, Mack and Jackie. Both monkeys consumed the organic bananas whole and without hesitation. However, when given the nonorganic bananas, the monkeys peeled the bananas and then ate them. This observation lead the zoo-keeper to believe the monkeys preferred to eat the organic bananas.
Do you know that organic fruits are better for your health and they contain higher sugar level content? This creates excellent flavor in the fruit.

Do you know that organic cultivated fruits and vegetables are better for your diet and health? Dr. Michelle and her team at the California State University released the following findings:
For 10 years, Dr. Michelle’s team studied the differences between organic tomatoes and nonorganic tomatoes. The results from the study found that organic tomatoes contain twice the amount of flavonoids (antioxidants). This is also related to another set of results from a research team in Europe which found that organic cultivated tomatoes, peaches, and apples have a much higher nutritional value when compared to nonorganic items.
To help improve your health, incorporate organic vegetables and fruits into your daily diet.

USDA (Organic Certification of United States Department of Agriculture)

Since 1916, the Taylor family has been farming Prunes for over three generations in California. As of 1989, the Taylor family has been organically certified through California Certified Organic Farmers (CCOF) and continues to produce 100% organic Prune products.

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